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Bible Verses showing Jesus is God for Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses deny the Biblical teaching that Jesus is God. But since they claim to believe the Bible, we should use the Bible to show that Jesus is indeed truly God. This is made more difficult than usual because they trust their own organization’s translation of the Bible, entitled “The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures”.  This translation changes Bible verses to remove or obscure references to the divinity of Jesus Christ. Below are scriptures which give evidence to the deity of Christ. A red asterisk (*) is placed by scriptures that are altered in the Jehovah’s Witness New World Translation.

God’s Spirit is Christ’s Spirit (Romans 8:9)

Isaiah saw Jesus’ glory (Isa 6:1-3, John 12:38-41)

Jehovah applied to Jesus (Psa 102:25-27, Heb 1:10-12)

Prayer to Christ (2 Cor 12:8-9; John 14:14; Acts 7:59-60*, Rev 22:20)

Call upon the name of Jesus to be saved (Romans 10:9-13*,1 Cor 1:2, Joel 2:32, Acts 2:21,36*)

Thomas’ Confession that Jesus is God  (John 20:28)

Jesus is worshipped (Heb 1:6*, Matt 2:11*, Matt 14:33*, Matt 28:9*)

Jesus is called God (Heb 1:8*, 2 Peter 1:1*, Titus 2:13*, John 1:1*, John 1:18*, Isa 9:6, John 20:28, Rev 1:8*, Rev 21:6-7)

All fullness of deity is in Jesus (Col 2:9)

Jesus is Alpha/Omega, Beginning/End, First/Last (Rev 1:4-8*, Rev 1:17-18, Rev 22:12-16, Isa 44:6)

All things are created by Jesus and for Jesus (Col 1:16, Rom 11:36, Isa 44:24, Isa 45:12, 66:2)

The word Jehovah in the New Testament

The word Jehovah in the Old Testament is written as Lord in the New Testament; however, the Jehovah’s Witness translates Lord as “Jehovah” to obscure the deity of Christ.  Doing this in the New Testament makes it seem as though the term Jehovah is referring to the Father though many times it is actually referencing Jesus. The New World Translation was written by the Watchtower organization to remove and change verses that don’t align with the theology of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  It also uses a very rigid wording to make it difficult to read and study. Other Bible translations openly list their translators so you can verify their lives and credentials. The New World Translation was translated by anonymous individuals working for their organization.

Passages implying Jesus’ deity

Glory with God before the world (John 17:5, Isa 42:8)

Honor the Son just as you honor the Father (John 5:23)

Honor as holy (1 Pet 3:14-15, Isa 8:12-13)

Every knee bows (Phil 2:10-11, Isa 45:23-24)

Prepare His way (Mark 1:1-3, Isa 40:3)

Questions to ask a Jehovah’s Witness

If Jesus never said “Jehovah”, why is it so important that we do?

If none of the New Testament writers used the word Jehovah, why does your translation of the Bible say they did?

Who translated your Bible, and how are you certain they were qualified to translate?